Are you stuck on a question?


1. Take a photo of your problem or ask for feedback.


2. Tutor accepts your question.


3. Get your answer and rate it.

Get feedback on your work

Good writing is re-writing!

Our feedback function allows you to submit up to 1000 words of your work to a tutor. They will then provide five bullet points of feedback explaining how you can take your essay to the next level.

Instant one to one lessons

If you need help, you are able to book an instant one to one live lesson with a verified Peer Tutor who have aced their exams.

Our 30 minute lessons use revision content from leading educational publishers such as Collins.

Earn and learn

Have you aced your exams?

Do you remember studying for your GCSEs and A levels and feeling stuck?

Help others get through this and earn extra money.

If you are an A level student, you can transfer the GEMs you earn for your own support from undergraduates.

Download the app to register to become a Peer Tutor.

Questions most parents ask

Q. Who are Peer Tutors?
A. They are students who have aced their exams and are grade 6 (B) or above.
Q. Is it safe?
A. All of our tutors are verified before starting. All questions and answers are moderated.
Q. Can my child run up large bills?
A. Once the free credits are used, you will need to purchase credit in order to continue.
Q. Why use the peertutor app?
A. We believe that students that have aced their exams are in a fantastic position to support their peers. The evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation demonstrates an additional 5+ months progress from peer to peer learning.
Q. Is this just cheating?
A. No, the tutors will help expand your child’s thinking on the problem they are trying to solve and provide, as appropriate, detailed feedback and guidance.

Are you looking to make a difference to the life chances of the young people in your region?

We are offering businesses and universities the opportunity to sponsor young people who need a bit of extra support with their education. Using photos, text and live conversations our verified peer tutors offer explanations that will help users achieve better results, whilst developing the tutors key transferable skills.

We’ve significantly reduced the price compared to more traditional forms of tutoring, however we still recognise that there are many parents and schools out there that just can’t afford to offer the type of 121 tutoring that some learners need. We believe there are many organisations who would willingly step in to help those young people out but just need a means of doing so. Peer Tutor is one way to help.

How do sponsorship programmes work?

What are the benefits

Demonstrate impact – we will send you an annual report on the programme’s impact, providing rich, reliable evidence to showcase how your CSR or University outreach strategy is impacting your local community.

Brand exposure – we can brand live lessons with your logo and marketing messages making it clear who has sponsored this support.

Helping young people to receive the support they need outside of school by removing the inequality of paying for private tuition.

How to get involved

To discuss sponsoring young people in your region please get in touch at or call us on 03300573186