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Questions most parents ask

Q. Who are Peer Tutors?
A. They are students who have aced their exams and are grade 6 (B) or above.
Q. Is it safe?
A. All of our tutors are verified before starting. All questions and answers are moderated.
Q. Can my child run up large bills?
A. Once the free credits are used, you will need to purchase credit in order to continue.
Q. Why use the peertutor app?
A. We believe that students that have aced their exams are in a fantastic position to support their peers. The evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation demonstrates an additional 5+ months progress from peer to peer learning.
Q. Is this just cheating?
A. No, the tutors will help expand your child’s thinking on the problem they are trying to solve and provide, as appropriate, detailed feedback and guidance.